22 January 2016

In The Jam: NYC Funk By Keith Carlock

10 Multi-Track Video Jams – You Control the Mix!

This edition of In The Jam features Chris Buono on guitar, Steve Jenkins on bass and Keith Carlock on drums performing 10 funky multi-track video jams in a variety of feels, tempos and keys.

This edition features both audio and video tracks for all of the instruments plus individual full-length commentaries, from each of these world-class musicians, sharing their priceless insight and improvisational tips across all 10 multi-track video jams.

Lead sheets are included for all of the tracks, plus tab and/or standard notation for all of the guitar, bass and drum performances.

Practice smart, play hard — get In The Jam with Chris Buono, Steve Jenkins and Keith Carlock!

What You Get

In The Jam is downloadable software for Windows and Mac computers. Features include:

  • Multi-Angle Videos
  • Mixable Multi-Track Audio
  • Artist Commentary
  • Guitar Tab & Notation
  • Lead Sheets

Instant Download : $29.00

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Sad Clown // Rudder
  1. Sad Clown // Rudder