In The Jam: NYC Funk

10 Multi-Track Video Jams – You Control the Mix!

This edition of In The Jam features Chris Buono on guitar, Steve Jenkins on bass and Keith Carlock on drums performing 10 funky multi-track video jams in a variety of feels, tempos and keys.

This edition features both audio and video tracks for all of the instruments plus individual full-length commentaries, from each of these world-class musicians, sharing their priceless insight and improvisational tips across all 10 multi-track video jams.

Lead sheets are included for all of the tracks, plus tab and/or standard notation for all of the guitar, bass and drum performances.

Practice smart, play hard — get In The Jam with Chris Buono, Steve Jenkins and Keith Carlock!

What You Get

In The Jam is downloadable software for Windows and Mac computers. Features include:

  • Multi-Angle Videos
  • Mixable Multi-Track Audio
  • Artist Commentary
  • Guitar Tab & Notation
  • Lead Sheets

Instant Download : $29.00

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Steely Dan drummer Keith Carlock's new DVD

In The Big Picture (Phrasing, Improvisation, Style & Technique), Keith Carlock reveals the elements of his unique approach to drumming. In an enlightening master class, Keith explains and demonstrates creative and technical concepts, illuminated by specific exercises, many of which are transcribed in the accompanying printable PDF eBook.

Keith also plays to tracks from Oz Noy and from his own group, Rudder, dissecting his drum parts and relating each of his performances to the educational themes of the DVD. He also demonstrates and discusses his own approach to some legendary Steely Dan tracks.

The Big Picture will help you get inside the musical mind of Keith Carlock to illustrate how you can become a more complete musician and a more expressive drummer. Get it now from Hudson, Amazon, or autographed by Keith from PayPal.

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For those of you that may not know, my wife, Lynne Timmes-Carlock is a great singer-songwriter. We are excited to announce that her brand new CD is done and released. There’s some great songs with different vibes, interesting grooves, and great playing all around. I produced it and also played on the record along with some great Nashville musicians. I even did a little “sanging”! Please Click Here and you will have an option to buy the physical copy through Pay-Pal direct from us or there’s a link to download from i-tunes.

We encourage you to buy the physical copy like the old days, it’s nice to have the liner notes and details, and it sounds better! Please spread the word!!! It’s really good!!!! And Thank You!

Sad Clown // Rudder
  1. Sad Clown // Rudder